Summer Home Tour

Summer is finally here! I could not be more excited ! If your here from Miranda’s home tour your probably already feeling super inspired!

We’re still chipping away at this old house and making more and more progress every day! I’m so excited to share a summer home tour with some of the “done” (are they ever really done?!) spaces.

We recently painted our front door pink and I have been loving it! I still have the same wreath up from spring and will probably keep it until fall! I did plant some gorgeous begonias in my planters for summer!

Over to the farmers porch where I’ve painted our outdoor chairs a similar shade of pink!

I love using watering cans as planters – and of course some pink painted terra cotta !

I also absolutely love using some of my blue and white pieces as planters in the summer! I just love seeing them filled with flowers and plants!

I love this space because everything was either thrifted or free and I love sitting out here watching my son play! He always makes sure his plants have enough water every day. He loves to bring his paint and play dough out here and we just hang out all day.

My neighbors have lots of gorgeous birds eating out of their feeders all the time – unfortunately we also have a bear that likes to eat out of the feeders as well! As much as I would love to have feeders out, I just can’t risk a bear coming by (we have a three year old and older dog!) so I’m hoping to attract some birds with this bird house! No luck yet!

My son and I have lots of fun cutting greens from the backyard to put in vases.

I like to sit at this little patio set while my son plays because it’s close enough to the house to still get WiFi 😜 he looks for worms while I keep an eye out for bears πŸ‘€

One of the flowers we have an abundance of is Solomon’s seal. I had never heard of it before moving into this house but I sure do love the way it looks in a vase.

And my little elephant is a constant through all seasons. Mostly because he stores all our random crap I don’t want on the kitchen counters.

In the rest of the kitchen I’ve just added a few summer accessories to my usual decor – like this swan and these roses.

Over in our little dining nook I arranged some summery faux flowers in my favorite white ginger jar – and then of course got carried away and had to much fun putting together a tablescape we will never use – because I’m crazy – and it makes me happy – and because I’m crazy.

Yes these are the same pillows from outside (I have a pair in our living room too) this is their permanent home but I was borrowing them for outside until I find a good pair for out there!

These pink velvet curtains with pinky orange trim are the perfect summer color combo and I love the way they pair with this framed fabric from rifle paper co in the dining room.

The mantle got some greenery from the yard too! I love getting a whif of these when I pass by! The flowers smell so good!

The sideboard has some summer additions with this pink tray and summery (faux) blooms.

The living room was recently made over and already had a summer vibe so I just added some greenery to the coffee table

Who else is ready for summer?! I can’t wait to get more projects done with the weather being nice and spending lots of time outside! What are you most excited for?!

Be sure to head on over to Crazy Wonderful next for even more inspiration!

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